Department of Biomedical Science


Equiped Research Laboratories

In order to develop practical skills among the students, the department is in the process of developing a well-equipped laboratory, with almost all basic equipments. Also, all types of anatomical specimen, human skeleton, chemicals and diagnostic kits, which are required to meet the needs of the program, are periodically procured through the funds provided by the University for running the course. The department is also availing the facilities of the Biomedical Diagnostic training, at which students are exposed to various disciplines, such as Clinical Biochemistry, Medical physiology, Cancer biology and Clinical Microbiology. Apart from these common facilities our department also has research Laboratories equipped with sophisticated instruments purchased under individual projects of the faculty funded by research bodies like UGC, DBT, DST and DST-FIST to perform molecular, proteomics, cell culture and transfection studies.


Apart from the main University library and the School of Life Science Library, the Biomedical Science departmental library functions with an "Open Access System" containing basic and advanced books in various disciplines like basic Sciences, Medical Sciences, Laboratory manuals, research protocols etc from international and national publishers to support students of M.Sc Biomedical science and MBA program.

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